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Family Badge is the go-to digital platform for parents, kids and other members of the family who are interested in vamping up their family life. Whether you are looking for advice on school lunches or how to build another loft for family activities, this is the website for you.

Family Badge is the brainchild of Derek Wells and his sister, Ginny. A disastrous family holiday convinced the brother and sister duo to create a website where parents (and kids) can swap ideas about the holidays, picnics, raising kids and all the other stuff families talk about. Ginny then invited her friend Tara to join in on the conversation.

Now, the website wishes to be a credible source for all information related to the central unit of the society aka the family.

Why We Exist

Our website exists for two reasons:

  • To make parents’ lives easier by pooling advice, knowledge and support in one area
  • To encourage conversation between all members of the family

Each family member has a special role and we want to support that. By providing you with high-quality articles on all aspects of family living, we aim to make family life better every day. Here in our website, you’ll find articles on home improvement, family activities, recommendations and more.

We’d Love to Hear from You

As mentioned, we enjoy facilitating conversations between all of our users. If you would like to express your thoughts about a particular topic, let us know! Our inbox is open for submissions from eager parents and children.

The family that grows together stays together. Continue growing your knowledge to benefit the people you love the most.

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