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Fun Summer Activities You Can Do with Your Family

It’s officially summer. The sun’s out, and the weather’s perfect for bonding activities shared by the rest of the family. Have you started plotting your summer itinerary yet? If not, don’t fret. It’s not too late. Plus, we have some ideas you might want to try.

Family theater

Is your family a creative lot? Summer’s the best time to exhaust everyone’s penchant for creation. And if you have a nice front yard courtesy of landscaping experts and retaining wall contracting services, you’ve got just the perfect spot for family theater.

This is something often done back in the day when there was no electricity or internet. To amuse themselves, families produce plays they stage in their property. Why not try this classic activity and share your production with the rest of the neighborhood? It’ll be fun working with your kids and spouse in a creative endeavor. You might even discover one of your offspring’s a natural actor or a gifted playwright.

Movie nights

This is another activity you can do in your landscaped front yard. You need a white screen and a projector. That’s it. Yeah, you also need a Netflix subscription. That is if you want to keep things simple. Netflix has an expansive library of movies. You can watch award-winning films under the open sky.

Make sure to pick movies that are appropriate for all ages. Suppose you fancy yourself as a progressive parent, and you don’t mind showing flicks with adult content to your children. At the very least, explain the context of movies that your young ones might not easily comprehend. Have popcorn and soda nearby for some snacks and refreshments.


When was the last time you went out camping with the rest of the family? Chances are it’s been quite a while. After all, the world had to deal with the pandemic this past year. Now that it’s almost over, it’s safer to venture beyond your front gate. Just make sure the entire family’s been vaccinated already.

Do not forget your camping essentials. And by that, we mean lots of marshmallows to grill. Plus, add lots of campfire stories. The scarier the stories, the better. Prepare nice meals for your family, too. It’ll be fun to share a sumptuous dinner under the stars.

dogs playing

Canine party

Is your family not exclusive to two-legged creatures? Do you have a furry doggo or two? Devote a nice afternoon for a canine party to make your doggo happy. Invite other dogs from the neighborhood. That is, with their respective owners, of course. Prepare puppuccinos and hamburgers.

Give out gift bags to your two-legged guests, too. They’ll appreciate your effort. Your children will appreciate being part of the whole party planning as well.

Themed barbecues

Spice up your barbecue parties. Think themed barbecues. For example, there are Disney-themed barbecue parties. You can have one every Saturday of the entire summer. Start with Coco. Get all Mexican and grill spiced meats while you’re all dressed, ready for Dia delos Muertos. That’s Day of the Dead if you’re not familiar with the language.

After Coco, try a Finding Nemo-themed barbecue. This is where you can get a little serious. Have all kinds of seafood ready for grilling and put up decorations reminiscent of an ocean.

Theme park weekend

This is an all-American family bonding activity—something your brood has been deprived of the past 12 months or more. Now recreational places have opened up for business. And restrictions are being lifted. It’s high time to head on out to the nearest theme park and get some adrenaline rush from a death-defying roller coaster.

Lay some ground rules before going out. Make sure everyone’s on the same page safety-wise. You do not want to spoil the fun by losing one of your kids in a crowded theme park.

Road trip

You do not need a fixed destination. Your entire family can squeeze yourselves in an SUV and head out into the open road. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, it’s okay to prepare an itinerary. Involve everyone in the planning. Ask your children what they want to see and where they want to go.

Again, ground rules are crucial here. Whenever you leave the car in some strange pit stop, you need to move as a pack.

Whether summer’s your favorite season, you can’t deny how summer weather’s most fitting for fun and relaxation. So make the most of the season by coming up with exciting activities to share with your entire family. You can invite neighbors and friends too. The more, the merrier.


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